Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess Who's Who?

Since we have nothing new and exciting to post...we decided to give you a little brain teaser and see if you can identify baby pictures of Nikole, Jessica, and Jordan. There is a big ol' prize to the winner - Good Luck!

Girlie A

Girlie B

Girlie C


Abbey said...

Cute!!! The top is Jordan, then Nikole, the Jessica!

I just gave the answers away!

Denise said...

Wow...that was quick - we just posted it. By the way you are 1 of 3 - nice try!

Alexis said...

I think it goes Nikole (top) Jessica (Middle) - Jordan (bottom).

Abbey said...

Hey the order changed from when I first posted my comment....that is sooo not fair!!! Jessica is on the top then Nikole then Jordan! They're still super cute..even if you are tricking me :)

Fonzareli said...

A:Jess B:Nikole C:Jordan
VERY CUTE whoever they are:)

Maggie Jane said...

Jessie...Nikole...and Jordan!

Julie said...

A: Jessie B: Nikole C: Jordan. I think you can totally tell from their baby pictures. They are all such pretty girls!!!

Marcy said...

I don't have a clue but they all look very much alike and all stinking cute! Who's kids are they. :)

Katie said... I've only met your other gals like twice, but I get to see your darling little one everyday! So..I'm going to venture that last picture is Jordan...yes?

Jeremy_MelanieandGirls said...

I didn't look at the other comments so not to cheat, but I am saying the first is Jess, the second Nikole, and the last Jordie. Am I right???

PS WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

Super Mandi said...

I don't know either. I'm just so excited to see something on here other than that nasty scraped up leg! Yeah for cute girls!

Painty (aka Melinda) said...

What cute pictures! I found your blog through the R.S. blog. I think the answers are:
that's my guess before I looked at the other people's